The 10 Steps

Step 1

Arrange a LGV Medical Examination, contact your own Doctor. The cost of the medical can vary between £30 and £90. Remember to take medical report form (D4) with you.

Step 2

Apply for LGV Provisional Licence send completed forms D2, D4, and your existing car licence to: DVLA, SWANSEA, SA99 1BR

Step 3

Purchase “The Official Theory Test” book for large vehicles and study while waiting for your licence to arrive.

Step 4

Once you have your LGV provisional licence, book your theory test either online line or call 0870 010 1372

Step 5

Contact Apex HGV Driving Centre on 01274 484884 to book your driving assessment.

Step 6

Book your course and driving test date. A deposit of 20% is required at this point.

Step 7

Study the highway code both before and during your training.

Step 8

HGV Training commences.

Step 9

Driving test, please make sure you bring all the required documents.

Step 10

Once you have passed your driving test you must remember to post your pass certificate and provisional licence off to the DVLA Swansea.

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If you would like information?

Phone 01274 484 884 today



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